The podcast show for and about Restaurateurs, Creative Chefs, Kick-Ass Servers, Wicked Cool Winemakers, Fresh Farmers and frankly, anyone who plays a pivotal part in this beautifully insane sexy world of Food and Beverage.


The story of Just Forking Around

Why did I choose the name?

Because I just LOVE IT! Also, I really like the word Forking…it is similar to a word you may be familiar with, and it makes me chuckle. It works perfectly for the podcast style and topic…all wrapped up in three little words!

Why should I listen to the Just Forking Around Podcast?

Because it FORKING Rocks! If you love food, beverage, and want to “peek behind the curtain” at what makes it great, this is the place for you!

Why did you pick the topic of food and beverage?

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I love the world of food and beverage, everything about it, it’s soo damn sexy!  Every time we eat and drink it ignites us sensually…the look, texture, taste, smell, sound all in a unique combination, encapsulating a moment in time.  The act of sharing a meal with friends, chatting, eating, and drinking together is so forking perfect.  It is a feeling that echoes a sense that All Is Good! Very, Very good!