#043 – Dr Janet Orion: DIY Natural Healing & Kinesiology

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Dr. Janet Orion is a Natural Medicine Woman and Healthy Lifestyle Coach who specializes in healing pain through kinesiology, which is the study of the human body’s movement and performance. Anyone can learn how to use kinesiology and muscle testing for their own self-care, health, and wellbeing – and Dr. Janet will tell you how!



Want to work with Dr. Orion?

Dr. Orion helps people discover the specific lifestyle medicines, resources, ideas, and strategies that match their circumstances, conditions, and goals.

She works with people who value their health and wellbeing enough to do what it takes to achieve both.


“The work I do with my clients and my observations help me create or assemble pertinent and valuable information for your superb self-care. Natural healing is real healing, especially when you DIY.

Health is an inside job. I help people access their innate intelligence to get out of pain,

get healthy, and stay healthy. The skills you learn here can grow, expand and benefit you for the rest of your life.

May you benefit immensely!”


Dr. Janet Orion’s Bio:

“I am Dr. Janet Orion. My life experiences and education have turned me organically into a natural medicine woman.

I wanted to help others be healthy, I got serious about getting a real education in natural health arts and sciences. In 1985, I enrolled in chiropractic school, where I spent 40 grueling months of intense study.

Pretty much the entire 4 years of school, I had recurrent muscle spasms in my lower back that would drop me to the floor and incapacitate me for days.  My most pressing question all during chiropractic school was, ‘How am I going to know what my clients need?’

No one was helping me with my horrible back pain… how would I know what to do to help my people?

Then I got my answer… Kinesiology!

Muscle testing revealed why I had such terrible back pain. It was parasites, specifically, beef tapeworm. I shared mangroves and a creek with 3 cows the summer

of 1975.

Imagine that, I solved 7 solid years of excruciating, painful, tortuous, lingering health problems through kinesiology in less than 2 weeks, once and for all.

Finally finding relief set me on my life path of learning, practicing and teaching kinesiology.

I overcame SAD, the Standard American Diet, with its obesity, sickness, family pain, breast cancer, my own malignant melanoma, rattlesnake bite, years of intense itching, two bouts of stress-induced pericarditis and a few other things that would send most people to the ER.

I did it naturally, and I learned mainly the hard way. You can learn the easy way. How?

By modelling what I do with kinesiology and my conscious choice making tools. My coaching demonstrates, teaches and promotes personal self-reliance.

Together, we craft a healthy lifestyle that fits you precisely.”