#042 – Live from The Gallery Montecito w/ Bobbi Bennett: Art, Wine, & Trivia

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This episode is a little different than usual. I recorded ‘live’ from the Gallery Montecito a couple of months ago, at an event I co-hosted with Bobbi Bennett. We had a blast, it was PACKED, and we gave away tons of shirts to the JFA contest winners! You’ll hear a compilation of really cool clips from some people who were at the event, mixed with my own thoughts.

Contest Questions & Answers

Would you have gotten every question right? Find out!


  1. Napoleon Hill authored a 200 page book back in the 1930’s, having interviewed the most successful people of all times to find out the key to their good fortune. What is the name of this book?
  2. True of False: Cauliflower’s natural tendency is to be yellow, not white.
  3. Peanuts, unlike other nuts, grow underground and are part of what classification?
  4. Guanciale is which part of the pig: shoulder, loin, or cheek?
  5. SPAM is short for what?
  6. What breakfast cereal was Sonny the Cuckoo Bird go coo-coo for?
  7. This edible fungus is neither a plant or a vegetable. It grows from spores, not seeds. What is the name of this meaty, edible fungus?
  8. Barbacoa describes a way we cook food over an open flame, popular in Texas. What is the name of this cooking method?




  • Think and Grow Rich


  1. True
  2. Legumes
  3. Cheek
  4. Spiced Ham
  5. Cocoa Puffs
  6. Mushroom
  7. BBQ

We chat with:

  • Bobbi Bennett, Director of the Gallery Montecito and event host.
  • Guy Webster, a wonderful artist who has an incredible story that includes Jim Morrison, The Mamas and The Papas, Chicago, and The Rolling Stones.
  • Brian Brunello, owner of the eclectic Liquor and Wine Grotto and a certified somm.
  • Some of our awesome contest contestants: Gary, Kaitlin, Tom, Dianne, TJ, Taylor, and Laura!


Artists in attendance:

Bobbi Bennett’s Bio:

Bobbi Bennett has been an international exhibition artist for over 25 years. In 2015, she was one of the winners of the International Exposure Award, and her piece “Fallen Angels” was on exhibition at the Louvre, Paris.


Bobbi has owned and operated 3 art galleries in Santa Barbara, Santa Fe, and now currently in Montecito. In 2016, she started an art production company, called Red Starr production, where she had a stable of 30 artists. She became very successful hosting pop-up art galleries in Venice and Santa Monica.  


Her partners of the Gallery Montecito contacted her because of her success and asked her to be part of the gallery because it was suffering. Bennett said yes, because she had exhausting clients in the area, and a percentage of the profits would go to a local non-profit.


In 3 months, Bennett had a very successful gallery showing top-notch contemporary artists and was able to donate $8,000 to “Heal the Ocean.” The gallery has also become a stomping ground for the locals in Montecito because of the many events she hosts at the gallery.